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The canteen has a policy of providing healthy foods to students and staff. Lunches are available from the school canteen each day of the school year.  Menus are distributed at the commencement of each term or can be collected from the office at any time. Parents interested in assisting in the canteen will be gladly welcomed.

The school canteen reinforces nutrition messages being taught in the classroom by modelling food and drink choices that are tasty, interesting and affordable.

The school canteen supports healthy eating by:

Parent volunteers are integral to the success of the school canteen. Parents wishing to volunteer to assist can contact the canteen on 9093 2351.

*Canteen day for Term 4 2020 is FRIDAY only.

Term 4 Canteen Menu

Canteen orders should be made through CDF Pay. Please see the instructions in the link below.

CDF Pay Set Up Instructions

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