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While Catholic schools were once exclusively made up of Catholic children and Catholic staff, the enrolment of non-Catholic children has increased as more families and students embrace the teachings of the Catholic faith. They see Catholic schools as founded on Gospel values, are being well run, are nurturing and strongly orinetated towards family and community spirit. They seek the sense of inclusiveness that welcomes parents, students and staff to be part of a joint effort to gve students the best education possible. Today, Catholic schools like St Joseph's, are welcoming to all families who fully support the Catholic traditions and ethos of the school.

Enrolment Information

At St Joseph’s School, enrolment opportunities are at all year levels where vacancies occur however, our main entry points are Pre Kindy, Kindergarten and Pre Primary.

Enrolment interviews are conducted by the Principal.  All children seeking a place at St Joseph’s School must attend the interview. Following this interview an offer of enrolment may be made to your child.

To apply for admission to St Joseph’s School, please fill in the appropriate enrolment form, along with a copy of your child’s:

Application forms are to be forwarded to:

St Joseph’s School
Locked Bag 2093

Enrolment Forms & Downloads

Enrolment Policy [PDF 330KB]

Enrolment Form  [PDF 688KB]

Pre-Kindy Enrolment Handbook [PDF 259KB]

Pre-Kindy Enrolment Form [PDF 461KB]

Priest Reference Form [PDF 143KB]