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St Joseph’s School Boulder is a dynamic and positive establishment that focuses not only on the Catholic values of trust, respect and love for all, but on the ability to mould a future generation of self-assured, confident, honest and enthused individuals.

We pride ourselves on our proactive approach to teaching and learning with an emphasis on students being engaged at all times, being accountable for their own learning and being confident and self-assured lifelong learners. We take pride in providing a safe, positive and encouraging atmosphere for all students to grow.

At St Joseph’s School we cater for the needs and interests of each individual child in our school. Most importantly, this means providing a wide range of quality experiences for children to develop physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually and academically. Teachers offer a rigorous and varied curriculum across all learning areas, including the specialist areas of Health, Visual Arts, Science and Physical Education. We offer an excellent Gifted and Talented Program, Tournament of Mind and Chess Club.

We believe it is important to recognise and celebrate children’s individual gifts and talents, and opportunities such as chess clubs, choir, various afterschool sporting activities and instrumental programs offer a forum for their talents to be recognised and valued.

Students with disabilities and learning difficulties are provided with an Individual Education Program or a Curriculum Adjustment Plan to enable effective and full participation in the class learning program.